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† "...some women who had been . . "


†Saint Quote
"Truth sees God, and wisdom contemplates God, and from these two comes a third, a holy and wonderful delight in God, who is love."
–St. Juliana of Norwich

†Today's Meditation
"The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23). Even though the Disciples suffered persecution, they were filled with joy. One would have expected them to be depressed or angry or resentful. The very fact that they responded to persecution with joy is a sign that the Spirit was guiding their actions. We can use that same test with our own words and actions."
—Rev. Jude Winkler, O.F.M., p. 11

An Excerpt From
Daily Meditations With the Holy Spirit

†Daily Verse
"If you love me, you will keep my commandments. And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Advocate to be with you always, the Spirit of truth, which the world cannot accept, because it neither sees nor knows it. But you know it, because it remains with you, and will be in you."
–John 14:15-17


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Pope St. Cornelius

Pope St. Cornelius (d. 253 A.D.) was a Roman citizen and a holy priest who became the twenty-first successor to the chair of St. Peter, following a fourteen-month vacancy when Pope St. Fabian was martyred by Roman Emperor Decius. When the Emperor temporarily left Rome, the persecution against the Christians subsided long enough for the Church to elect St. Cornelius as the new Roman Pontiff. During Pope St. Cornelius' two year reign a great controversy arose as to what to do with Catholics who apostatized from the Christian faith under threat of death during the persecution. Many were being received back to the sacraments without any penance. In response to the scandal, some maintained that apostates could not be forgiven and could only be admitted back to the sacraments if they were re-baptized. Chief among them was a priest named Novatian, who, as a result of the scandal, caused a schism when he had himself consecrated as an anti-pope. In response, Pope St. Cornelius convened a synod of bishops to confirm his rightful authority as Pope. Novatian was excommunicated and his doctrine was condemned as heresy. Pope St. Cornelius proclaimed that the Church had the power and authority to forgive repentant apostasy, and that converted apostates could be readmitted to the sacraments after true contrition with adequate penance. Soon a new wave of persecution against the Christians broke out, and Pope St. Cornelius was driven into exile and martyred. His feast day is celebrated on September 16th.


Memorial of Saints Cornelius, Pope, and Cyprian, Bishop, Martyrs

• Readings for the Memorial of Saint Cornelius, pope and martyr, and Saint Cyprian, bishop and martyr

Reading 1 1 COR 15:12-20

Brothers and sisters:
If Christ is preached as raised from the dead,
how can some among you say there is no resurrection of the dead?
If there is no resurrection of the dead,
then neither has Christ been raised.
And if Christ has not been raised, then empty too is our preaching;
empty, too, your faith.
Then we are also false witnesses to God,
because we testified against God that he raised Christ,
whom he did not raise if in fact the dead are not raised.
For if the dead are not raised, neither has Christ been raised,
and if Christ has not been raised, your faith is vain;
you are still in your sins.
Then those who have fallen asleep in Christ have perished.
If for this life only we have hoped in Christ,
we are the most pitiable people of all.
But now Christ has been raised from the dead,
the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep.

Responsorial Psalm PS 17:1BCD, 6-7, 8B AND 15

R. (15b) Lord, when your glory appears, my joy will be full.
Hear, O LORD, a just suit;
attend to my outcry;
hearken to my prayer from lips without deceit.
R. Lord, when your glory appears, my joy will be full.
I call upon you, for you will answer me, O God;
incline your ear to me; hear my word.
Show your wondrous mercies,
O savior of those who flee
from their foes to refuge at your right hand.
R. Lord, when your glory appears, my joy will be full.
Hide me in the shadow of your wings,
But I in justice shall behold your face;
on waking, I shall be content in your presence.
R. Lord, when your glory appears, my joy will be full.

Alleluia MT 11:25

R. Alleluia, alleluia.
Blessed are you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth;
you have revealed to little ones the mysteries of the Kingdom.
R. Alleluia, alleluia.

Gospel LK 8:1-3

Jesus journeyed from one town and village to another,
preaching and proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom of God.
Accompanying him were the Twelve
and some women who had been cured of evil spirits and infirmities,
Mary, called Magdalene, from whom seven demons had gone out,
Joanna, the wife of Herod's steward Chuza,
Susanna, and many others
who provided for them out of their resources.


Joanna, the wife of Herod's steward Chuza, . . . provided for them. (Luke 8:3)

We don't know much about Joanna, but we can glean a few things from today's Gospel. It's likely that she was well-off. Her husband, Chuza, was Herod's steward, which means he managed all of Herod's assets and property—a well-paying, important job to be sure. Joanna seemed to be a rather enterprising, independent woman herself. At least she was independent enough to spend her money supporting Jesus in his ministry.

So imagine this wealthy, self-sufficient woman making the transition from a comfortable home to life on the road. Imagine her giving up the security of her own bed and sleeping under the stars instead. Imagine her giving up her own servants and instead devoting herself to serving Jesus. Imagine too the risk she was taking. Remember, it was Herod, her husband's employer, who had arrested Jesus' kinsman John and had him beheaded. It was Herod who was fascinated by Jesus and who ultimately would hand him over to Pilate. How would Jesus' other disciples react to her joining their ranks?

But Joanna was so moved by Jesus that she willingly embraced a difficult and dangerous life in order to follow him. She had already experienced his healing touch (Luke 8:3), but it wasn't enough just to be restored and set free. She wanted to learn from him. She wanted to know God the way he did. She probably had many opportunities to go back and resume her old life, but she remained steadfast. Even when the disciples deserted Jesus in Gethsemane, Joanna stayed; she was one of a very small number of disciples who followed him all the way to Calvary (23:55).

In a way, we are all like Joanna. We may not want to give up our comfort in order to pray or to help the people around us. We may feel ill-equipped to be a true disciple. We may feel as if we don't fit in. But as Jesus welcomed Joanna and made a place for her, he will do the same for you. You might tell him, It's hard to follow you, but he responds, I know; let me help you. You might say, I don't belong, but he answers, You are always welcome in my house. Always.

"Jesus, thank you for welcoming me as your disciple."

1 Corinthians 15:12-20
Psalm 17:1, 6-8, 15


From today's 1st Holy Scripture:
"If Christ is preached as raised from the dead,
how can some among you say there is no resurrection of the dead?"

What happens when you take away the hope of the resurrection? Sunday's would be useless. Every man for themselves! Yet, it almost seems we live that way today. Useless Sundays, wasted, low church attendance, as if the celebration of the Resurrection could take a back seat to something else. So what happens? When you kill that hope, you kill your own hope. Yet, most say "I got to see to believe". And doubt raises cause for lies...sins against the truth. And if we profess the Resurrection? Then there is something to not only hope for...but to die for.


We pray today;
"Lord, when your glory appears, my joy will be full. Hear, O LORD, a just suit; attend to my outcry; hearken to my prayer from lips without deceit. Lord, when your glory appears, my joy will be full"


In the Gospel today we heard:
"Jesus journeyed from one town and village to another,
preaching and proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom of God."

And His followers went where He went, and this included women, haven't you seen the series "The Chosen"? LOL, which by the way should be starting up a new pack soon. I digress.
Who follows Christ?
Everyone is called to follow Christ.
But who actually follows Him?

This week, I invited a man to a Cursillo, I personally sat with him, made time, and invited to meet, and asked Him to a deeper love of Christ...a following. He said yes. These are the chosen. I admired him from afar, seeing his love of God, and God comes and says "you follow Me". It is then, cream of crop. You see, first you got to believe.

The believers followed Him. But what kind of belief? I'd say humble belief, the kind that surrenders everything and lays everything at His precious feet.

Have I been able to surrender? Have you been been able to surrender?

I see hesitation. I see a quiet yes. I see then...cause for doubt.
Last night, new cursillistas women said over and over "say YES to the Lord, always!".

They were excited about following the Lord.
And the message reaches you for the same invitation...

my child, will you follow Me wherever I go?

Lord, I pray for the grace to follow You humbly...every step of the Way You shall lead.


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