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Open My Mouth

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JULY 28, 2014
"Whenever anything disagreeable or displeasing happens to you, remember Christ crucified and be silent."
— St. John of the Cross


MONDAY, JULY 28, 2014


The date of birth of St. victor is unknown, but we do know that he was Pope from 189 to 199.

Victor was a native African, and his father's name was Felix. He is known for having obtained the release of many Christians who had been deported to the mines of Sardinia, and for being the first Pope to celebrate the liturgy and write Church documents in Latin rather than Greek.

He is most famous, however, for decreeing that Easter be universally celebrated on a Sunday, a practice already common in the West, but not so in the East.

He died in 199, possibly from martyrdom.



I pause for a moment and think of the love and the grace that God showers on me, creating me in his image and likeness, making me his temple....


Everything has the potential to draw forth from me a fuller love and life.

Yet my desires are often fixed, caught, on illusions of fulfillment.

I ask that God, through my freedom

may orchestrate

my desires in a vibrant loving melody rich in harmony.


Knowing that God loves me unconditionally, I can afford to be honest about how I am. How has the last day been, and how do I feel now?
I share my feelings openly with the Lord.

The Word of God

Reading 1 jer 13:1-11

The LORD said to me: Go buy yourself a linen loincloth;
wear it on your loins, but do not put it in water.
I bought the loincloth, as the LORD commanded, and put it on.
A second time the word of the LORD came to me thus:
Take the loincloth which you bought and are wearing,
and go now to the Parath;
there hide it in a cleft of the rock.
Obedient to the LORD's command, I went to the Parath
and buried the loincloth.
After a long interval, the LORD said to me:
Go now to the Parath and fetch the loincloth
which I told you to hide there.
Again I went to the Parath, sought out and took the loincloth
from the place where I had hid it.
But it was rotted, good for nothing!
Then the message came to me from the LORD:
Thus says the LORD:
So also I will allow the pride of Judah to rot,
the great pride of Jerusalem.
This wicked people who refuse to obey my words,
who walk in the stubbornness of their hearts,
and follow strange gods to serve and adore them,
shall be like this loincloth which is good for nothing.
For, as close as the loincloth clings to a man's loins,
so had I made the whole house of Israel
and the whole house of Judah cling to me, says the LORD;
to be my people, my renown, my praise, my beauty.
But they did not listen.

Responsorial Psalm dt 32:18-19, 20, 21

R. (see 18a) You have forgotten God who gave you birth.
You were unmindful of the Rock that begot you,
You forgot the God who gave you birth.
When the LORD saw this, he was filled with loathing
and anger toward his sons and daughters.
R. You have forgotten God who gave you birth.
"I will hide my face from them," he said,
"and see what will then become of them.
What a fickle race they are,
sons with no loyalty in them!"
R. You have forgotten God who gave you birth.
"Since they have provoked me with their 'no-god'
and angered me with their vain idols,
I will provoke them with a 'no-people';
with a foolish nation I will anger them."
R. You have forgotten God who gave you birth.

Gospel mt 13:31-35

Jesus proposed a parable to the crowds.
"The Kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed
that a person took and sowed in a field.
It is the smallest of all the seeds,
yet when full-grown it is the largest of plants.
It becomes a large bush,
and the 'birds of the sky come and dwell in its branches.'"

He spoke to them another parable.
"The Kingdom of heaven is like yeast
that a woman took and mixed with three measures of wheat flour
until the whole batch was leavened."

All these things Jesus spoke to the crowds in parables.
He spoke to them only in parables,
to fulfill what had been said through the prophet:

I will open my mouth in parables,
I will announce what has lain hidden from the foundation
of the world.


How has God's Word moved me? Has it left me cold? Has it consoled me or moved me to act in a new way?
I imagine Jesus standing or sitting beside me, I turn and share my feelings with him.


Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end.


Catholic Meditations

Meditation: Matthew 13:31-35

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17th Week in Ordinary Time

It is the smallest of all the seeds, yet when full-grown it is the largest of plants. (Matthew 13:32)

Solanus Casey (1870--1957) was what some would consider a "small seed." The son of a farmer, he became a Capuchin priest. But because his grades weren't all that good, he was ordained a "simplex" priest—he could celebrate Mass, but he was not permitted to preach dogmatic sermons or hear confessions. Still, Casey showed himself to be very intelligent and very good at dealing with other people. After several assignments, he was sent to a parish in Detroit, Michigan, where his main job was porter. He was, for all intents and purposes, a priest-doorman.

But what other priests might have considered a humiliation, Casey took in stride. During his twenty years in Detroit, Fr. Solanus Casey came to be revered as a humble, wise priest filled with spiritual insight. His position as porter was the perfect one for people to visit him—and thousands came as reports of healings and miracles began to spread. When he died, 20,000 people attended his funeral. This simple, unassuming man touched countless lives!

The key to Casey's ministry was his "smallness," his willingness to be planted in whatever ground God had chosen for him. Being a porter was certainly not what he had in mind for himself as a young man, but he accepted God's vision, and the results were stupendous. Here was a living testament to Jesus' promise: "Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains just a grain of wheat; but if it dies, it produces much fruit" (John 12:24).

We can all follow Solanus Casey's path to holiness because it is the path of the gospel. It's only a matter of looking for Jesus in the "small" situations we already find ourselves in. Every moment can be holy. Every task can be filled with divine light. Welcome the Lord into those situations. Listen for the inspiration of his Spirit. No matter where you are or at what stage you are in your life, you can bear awesome fruit for his kingdom.

"Lord, I want to be your servant, so do with me as you will. Help me not to seek reputation or renown, only the satisfaction of doing your will."


Jeremiah 13:1-11; (Psalm) Deuteronomy 32:18-21

All I can say is that I am very inspired by today's Holy Scriptures.  I mean, Jeremiah had to do some really funky stuff for the Lord right?  Loin cloths?  Bury them under a rock?  Wait around?  Go back...and for what?  I remember several weeks ago, my weekly friendship group couldn't meet, so I decided to go to my baby sister's house because I felt the Lord tell me to pull in there on the way home.  I made my way, suredly happy to go visit and all the things we could talk about.  I knocked on the door. Nothing.  Perplexed, I kept knocking and looking inside, but nothing.  So, I prayed for them, and I prayed a blessing for them and their new home.  I don't think I ever told them that part, just that I had stopped by.  I even told our Lord "I don't know why you told me to go there" and I heard no reply.  Many times I wonder why in the world I am doing things for the Lord, only to find out years later how they had taken effect on the lives of others.  Surely it was not me, it was Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  And so I am inspired to make the Scriptures a real life for you.  The very same could be happening to you.  The Psalm we prayed "you forgot the God who gave you birth", and later we prayed His words ""Since they have provoked me with their 'no-god' and angered me with their vain idols, I will provoke them with a 'no-people'; with a foolish nation I will anger them."  We do live in a no-god kind of place right?  People are offended especially if you make mention of an idol they worship should be replaced with the true God in Heaven.  A foolish nation will be sent to anger the no-people.  But wait a minute, who is the no-people?  People of God.  In comes the light at the end of the tunnel, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  Ahh, thank you Jesus.  A breath of fresh air.  Have faith!  Like a mustard seed, the littlest of things making the biggest of differnces.  What makes me mad is those that soon fade away in the faith looking down "what difference does it make?" to fight against the tides of evil, "what difference does it make" when nobody listens, "what difference does it make" when I can't go on?  If you could only see what God sees.  That little old lady in church, she makes a difference.  That little kid helping at church, they make a difference.  That person sitting in the same spot in church every Sunday, they make a difference.  I remember the director for my Cursillo after my Cursillo he walked out of the Cursillo center and I ran into him and he smiled with a big smile and said nothing more to me than "I Love You".  That makes a difference.  The beautiful smile to a run down soul looking for a sign of love makes a life-saving differnce.  You can not imagine the difference we make in the world, the faithful Followers of Christ.  Seeds.  And yeast to make life more abundant.  No one was to eat yeast leavened bread when the Passover came.  The few that listened, were saved.  Life thrived after the exodus and still does today, the people of God.  And that who I am speaking to.  This weekend I think of loved ones that are turning faithful it seems.  One brother in law I took to the lake can't swim.  I said "put on this life jacket and you can go anywhere".  Well, we walked into the lake, and he kept going further, and further, and further till I didn't want to follow him anymore, LOL.  He is in the RCIA (classes to become Catholic), and I can tell he takes things pretty serious, that heart.  And that is what matters.  Faith.  The life jacket (Jesus) has been given to you.  Do not be afraid to go further,
and further the depths unknown.  We've nothing to be afraid of.  I am going to pray for you in Holy Mass after sending this.  With that know, Jesus is with you.
All for what?  So that you may be the seed, the yeast, that little bit needed to make a HUGE difference

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