Friday, January 9, 2015

West Texas and beyond

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Dear friends of Catholic Radio, can you help

us drive home the Word of God with the

Guadalupe Radio Network's 

 2015 Car Raffle!?

So do you remember what your resolutions were from last year, compared to this year?  And where you able to accomplish them?


What about your SPIRITUAL resolutions for this year?  Perhaps you want to grow closer to God, learn your faith better and make an impact in the lives of the people around you huh!?


Well with Catholic Radio in your city, and by our Lord having YOU there in His city, He can definitely work through you to help lead many souls closer to Him and His Church!


Thanks to your support this past year, we're doing our part to Educate and Evangelize the masses through the powerful means of YOUR local Catholic Radio station.

Plus as you've probably heard by now, we'll also be raffling a brand new car this year as well!  (Yeah, I bet a NEW car probably wasn't one of your resolutions for this year huh!?)

But one fortunate winner will be driving to Mass on Sundays in a Brand New, Newly Designed, Race Red, 2015 Ford Mustang.  And it could be YOU!

Even better, this year we have cut the price of each ticket in HALF, from $50 to $25 now!!!


You can buy a ticket for $25 each or you can get FIVE tickets for $100!

You can get your tickets directly from me, or you can do it online at our website:



On Wednesday, March 4th, some incredibly BLESSED listener's name will be drawn as the winner of a 2015 Race Red, Ford Mustang! 


All money raised goes to help support your LOCAL Catholic Radio station and help us make a difference in the lives of so many souls in need, including fallen away Catholics, inquiring Protestants, and yes, even questioning Atheists.


Speaking of helping your LOCAL Catholic Radio station, and to give someone in your Parish a chance to win this vehicle, can I ask for your support?

Would you please help sell just a few tickets at your Parish, to your co-workers, your family, friends or neighbors perhaps??  It will also be a GREAT way to remind or introduce people to the truth and treasure of our Faith, through the powerful means of Catholic Radio. ;-)



I would greatly appreciate that from you and please contact me if you have any questions about the Raffle or the tickets.

On behalf of our GRN Family, I want to say thank you again for your continued support to your local station here on the Guadalupe Radio Network - Radio for your soul! 



To Jesus, through mother Mary,

Faustino Rodriguez - GRN GM for WTX & NM

(432) 638-1150



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Please select the event you are registering for from the choices below 

MOBILIZE your church group
Event Date
January 24, 2015
Event Time
12:30 pm - 3:00 pm
The Capitol in Austin

Visit for more details.


12: 30 pm -- Meet at 18th & N. Congress Ave. and Ministry Fair

1:00 pm -- Gather at 18th & N. Congress Ave. for the march to the Capitol

1:30 pm -- Begin march to the Capitol

2:00 -- 3:00 pm -- Rally on South Steps of Capitol

Host committee members


Join thousands of Texans at the Texas Rally for Life on Saturday, January 24, at the Capitol in Austin. Show the media and our elected officials that Texas is PRO-LIFE! The 2015 Texas Rally for Life will commemorate the 42nd anniversary of the tragic Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973, which made abortion legal throughout all nine months of pregnancy. In the wake of Roe, legal abortion in our nation has claimed the lives of more than 57 million unborn children and has hurt countless women and men.

The Rally will feature pro-life speakers and leaders from across the state. For more information visit

Your presence will reaffirm recent pro-life gains, including passage of House Bill 2; as well as the passage and upholding of the Sonogram Bill, the strongest in the nation; the defunding of Planned Parenthood by as much as $29 million per year; and the creation of the Choose Life license plate to promote infant adoption.

Also, you will help promote other greatly needed pro-life bills in the Texas Legislature, including  a bill to increase the right of parents to protect their minor daughters from abortion by reforming the judicial bypass.

Plan to attend. Organize a bus or carpool of people from your church, youth group,  or local pro-life organization to come. Individual signs will be provided, but bring a banner from your church, youth group, or pro-life organization.

For more information visit


We're Selling T-shirts

This year, we will be selling t-shirts for the 2015 Texas Rally for Life. The shirts will be sold at ...

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Volunteers Needed

We are seeking about 20 volunteers for the 2015 Texas Rally for Life. Volunteers will receive a complimentary "My Generation ...

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Abby Johnson


Abby Johnson will be the MC at the 2015 Texas Rally for Life! Join us to stand for life at ...


 PRO LIFE Phones:

Mobilizing and Advancing Pro-Life 


This year the major cell phone carriers provided millions to help elect Pro-Abortion politicians at all levels of government - local, state and national.

Every dollar you spend with them helps to further the extreme Pro-Abortion policies in this country.

But you have a choice. Susan B. Anthony List has teamed up with Eos Mobile, a cell phone company.   Sign up with Eos now and up to 5% of every bill will go to help fund SBA List's efforts to support pro-life candidates.   

Eos Mobile not only supports your values, they provide a great value - as much as 30% cheaper on family plans with a nationwide coverage network.

Switch to Eos Mobile today!

Or call 877-367-7524 to get started.

EOS Mobile
1205 S. White Chapel Blvd. Ste. 215
Southlake, TX 76092

Connect with Eos Mobile:

near West Texas


2015 Poster FIF Page 1

Can you forward this to the Cursillistas?  I will see if I can find it in English also.  
-Deacon Alex Perez, Region VIII Spiritual Adviser.  

 Estimados Cursillistas, deseándoles un Feliz Año 2015 y recordando la venida de los Reyes Magos con sus regalos que mostrando una gran alegría al ver al niño Jesús. Supieron valorar el gran amor de Dios por el hombre.

A continuación les envío una importante información de nuestro hermano Hoang, por favor pasen la información en sus Diócesis.


Jorge S. Lopez
P.O.Box 30031
Houston,TX. 77249

 Queridos Directores Laicos,


Por favor informen  a los Cursillistas de sus Diocesis que los siguientes artículos nuevos están disponibles en el Centro Nacional de Cursillos:


 - #116: "Cursillo History and Memory" by Francisco Forteza Pujol - $7 (Historia y Memoria de Cursillos en Ingles)


- #911: Pegatinas de "De Colores!" - $3




¡De Colores!


Hoang Tran, NCSA