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Wait On Them

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Minute Meditations

Spirit of Peace
Therefore if any thought agitates you, this agitation never comes from God, who gives you peace, being the Spirit of Peace, but from the devil.
— from The Joyful Spirit of Padre Pio

St. Hilarion
(c. 291-371)

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Despite his best efforts to live in prayer and solitude, today's saint found it difficult to achieve his deepest desire. People were naturally drawn to Hilarion as a source of spiritual wisdom and peace. He had reached such fame by the time of his death that his body had to be secretly removed so that a shrine would not be built in his honor. Instead, he was buried in his home village.

St. Hilarion the Great, as he is sometimes called, was born in Palestine. After his conversion to Christianity he spent some time with St. Anthony of Egypt, another holy man drawn to solitude. Hilarion lived a life of hardship and simplicity in the desert, where he also experienced spiritual dryness that included temptations to despair. At the same time, miracles were attributed to him.

As his fame grew, a small group of disciples wanted to follow Hilarion. He began a series of journeys to find a place where he could live away from the world. He finally settled on Cyprus, where he died in 371 at about age 80.

Hilarion is celebrated as the founder of monasticism in Palestine. Much of his fame flows from the biography of him written by St. Jerome.

Saint of the Day
Lives, Lessons and Feast
By Leonard Foley, O.F.M.; revised by Pat McCloskey, O.F.M.


I pause for a moment and think of the love and the grace that God showers on me, creating me in his image and likeness, making me his temple....


"I am free."
When I look at these words in writing
They seem to create in me a feeling of awe.
Yes, a wonderful feeling of freedom.
Thank You, God.


How am I really feeling? Lighthearted? Heavy-hearted? I may be very much at peace, happy to be here. Equally, I may be frustrated, worried or angry. I acknowledge how I really am.
It is the real me that the Lord loves.

The Word of God

Reading 1 eph 2:12-22

Brothers and sisters:
You were at that time without Christ,
alienated from the community of Israel
and strangers to the covenants of promise,
without hope and without God in the world.
But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off
have become near by the Blood of Christ.

For he is our peace, he made both one
and broke down the dividing wall of enmity, through his Flesh,
abolishing the law with its commandments and legal claims,
that he might create in himself one new person in place of the two,
thus establishing peace,
and might reconcile both with God,
in one Body, through the cross,
putting that enmity to death by it.
He came and preached peace to you who were far off
and peace to those who were near,
for through him we both have access in one Spirit to the Father.

So then you are no longer strangers and sojourners,
but you are fellow citizens with the holy ones
and members of the household of God,
built upon the foundation of the Apostles and prophets,
with Christ Jesus himself as the capstone.
Through him the whole structure is held together
and grows into a temple sacred in the Lord;
in him you also are being built together
into a dwelling place of God in the Spirit.

Responsorial Psalm ps 85:9ab-10, 11-12, 13-14

R. (see 9) The Lord speaks of peace to his people.
I will hear what God proclaims;
the LORD--for he proclaims peace.
Near indeed is his salvation to those who fear him,
glory dwelling in our land.
R. The Lord speaks of peace to his people.
Kindness and truth shall meet;
justice and peace shall kiss.
Truth shall spring out of the earth,
and justice shall look down from heaven.
R. The Lord speaks of peace to his people.
The LORD himself will give his benefits;
our land shall yield its increase.
Justice shall walk before him,
and salvation, along the way of his steps.
R. The Lord speaks of peace to his people.

Gospel lk 12:35-38

Jesus said to his disciples:
"Gird your loins and light your lamps
and be like servants who await their master's return from a wedding,
ready to open immediately when he comes and knocks.
Blessed are those servants
whom the master finds vigilant on his arrival.
Amen, I say to you, he will gird himself,
have them recline at table, and proceed to wait on them.
And should he come in the second or third watch
and find them prepared in this way,
blessed are those servants."

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How has God's Word moved me? Has it left me cold? Has it consoled me or moved me to act in a new way?
I imagine Jesus standing or sitting beside me, I turn and share my feelings with him.


I thank God for these few moments we have spent alone together and for any insights I may have been given concerning the text.

Catholic Meditations

Meditation: Luke 12:35-38

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29th Week in Ordinary Time

He will gird himself, have them recline at table, and proceed to wait on them. (Luke 12:37)

Picture a state dinner in a nation's capital: a lavish dining hall, silver and crystal lining the table, waiters lined up ready to serve the guests. A military band strikes up a fanfare, and the head of state enters. But instead of sitting down, he removes his dinner jacket, dons an apron, and asks the waiters to be seated at the table. Then, slowly and carefully, he proceeds to serve them the meal. Crazy, right?

Amazingly, the reality at the center of our faith transcends even this illustration. Jesus, the eternal Son of God, gave up his very life to save us from sin. What's more, we learn that this wasn't an exceptional act; it's part of who he is. In today's Gospel reading, Jesus tells his disciples that when he returns, he will once again serve those whom he finds waiting for him.

But how does this truth about God affect our lives now? Certainly, it fills us with awe and gratitude. But how about our relationships with other people? Do we say, "Hey, God serves me, so should you!" Of course not! God's heart of service is meant to humble us and move us to imitate him. His servant love should inspire us to serve as well.

Jesus tells us that love is expressed most fully in laying down our lives for each other. When we allow servant love to be the center of our relationships with our friends and family, rather than selfish interests, it changes everything. We find that we are able to connect more deeply with our spouses and children, with our friends and co-workers. At the same time, we see our own self-serving motivations begin to weaken. In short, we are giving God's love a foothold in our lives.

How can you lay down your life today? Take a look at the next twenty-four hours, and anticipate the opportunities that the Lord will give you to imitate his servant heart. Then, when these opportunities arise, accept them eagerly. Know that as you get out of your comfort zone, something holy is happening: you are becoming Christ to another person.

"Lord, teach me how to serve as selflessly and humbly as you do."


Ephesians 2:12-22; Psalm 85:9-14

Allow me to translate today's 5minutos:
  "In a worldly context, of wars, violence, unfair competitions, how does one give profetic force to the words "Christ is our peace"?.  The letter to the Ephesians offers us profound clues from faith.  Us who are far can be near, not by our diplomatic efforts or the strength of our weapons, but "by the blood of Christ".  The hatred that nourishes the violence can not be overcome by international treaties.  The hatred is only overcome by Christ "with His body".  Giving His life on the cross, Christ has given death to hatred.  And He has given us the gift of true peace.  He has pronounced with His death Shalom to the entire world.  This signifies that the fight for peace (which is a universal desire) is only effective when it consists of one dying to self so the others will live.  Can one construct a fruitful and lasting peace who, with good appearing intentions, thins solely in their own interests?  What peace can one expect of whom instead of serving his brothers, serves from them, stripping them of their needs and elementary human rights for their own interests?  What peace fits to wait for some pacifist movements that serve the good news of peace to translate to society its own frustrations?  What peace could one expect of us when we relieve ourselves a thousand ways but do not accept to pay the price of daily death so that others live?  The celebrated prayer can help us: "Make me an instrument of your peace".
St. Francis had it right.  Padre Pio experienced it too.  "A thousand deaths I experienced...and it made me fall in love with God all the more".  Then, there is a way to fall in love with God, die with Him.  Die for Him.  That is the same to say to serve.  In today's 1st Holy Scripture, we read about temples, "Through him the whole structure is held together and grows into a temple sacred in the Lord;", a thought hit me earlier "God loves Sacred Temples".  That is the same to the message God is asking us in the Holy Gospel, but first we prayed the Psalm "The Lord speaks of peace to His people" and "near indeed is His salvation to those who FEAR HIM".  Sacred Temples fear God.  That is to say, fear to sin.  Yet, who is afraid of sinning nowadays?  Not very many.  Living in sin is the fad, always has been according to the world.  Sin keeps one from being fruitful and multiplying sacred Temples.  This fad is sad, there, you will not find the truth.  And so in comes the Lord our God, asking us to stand guard, always on the watch.  "Gird your loins and light your lamp".  Light it up and get ready.  Wait on the master, so when He comes, you will open the door.  Sounds like a service, right?  God will wait on them and serve them.  That should make each and every one of us feel special, because every soul is special to God and the soul is brought in at conception.  For the Spirit is among us, before we breathe and after we stop breathing.  This journey in the world is an interesting journey granted by our Father.  Those who follow Christ bring the light of peace in a way that the world does not care to offer...lives.  It has come to my notice, that what makes something special is the people.  That's why events are special, we make things special, by the way we dress, talk, and direct ourselves to one another.  How about making God special?  By the way I dress, talk, and direct my ways?  Making Him special is being on watch.  This means I'm on the path of salvation, fearing God.  And I don't fear God because I'm afraid of hell, but I fear God because I am afraid to lose this love.  Once been in the light, the rest is darkness.  Once in darkness, I scramble for the light.  I see the light being served when Jesus serves, especially in a Holy Mass.  I make things special and I want God to feel special.  I don't want Him to cry, I don't need Him to die's my turn.  His part is there already; mine, I've but to stop holding back.
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